Logging Insurance

 As an industry, logging thrives upon a foundation of hard work. Whether logging in a dense forest or hauling logs off to the mill – you are inherently involved in a great level of risk each day. Our team understands the risk that comes along with working in the logging industry. We offer logging insurance quotes for general liability, property damage, commercial auto, inland marine, and umbrella coverage. We work with numerous logging insurance companies to find the most appropriate coverage for your budget. Our logging insurance programs are designed for operations that involve logging, log road construction, chipping, and log hauling. Our comprehensive logging insurance programs include but are not limited to logging truck insurance and logging equipment insurance. If you work in the logging industry, you should have logging insurance, whether you’re a business owner or a timber faller. Let us develop a policy for you!

Logging Truck Insurance and Logging Equipment Insurance 

For trucking businesses, including logging trucks, commercial truck insurance is tailored to meet the individual needs of the company and/or driver that specifically addresses trucking risks and risks involved in the logging industry. Regardless of how many trucks you have out on the road, trucking insurance helps to protect you, your business, your vehicles, your equipment, and your drivers. If you are the owner/operator of a logging truck or lease a logging truck through a motor/carrier, you will need to find the right logging truck insurance.

Types of Coverage

Commercial truck insurance is developed specifically to cover trucking needs. Policies start with a basis of primary liability and build up from there with an array of coverages. It is often required to have primary liability insurance as a licensed trucker. Primary liability protects people and property from damage caused by your truck. Owners of trucking companies will need to expand their coverage to general liability to get their trucks out on the road. Other types of truck insurance include auto physical damage and motor truck cargo.

  • Auto Liability – Auto liability or truck liability insurance is required by law. This insurance protects the motor carrier from legal liability arising from the insured vehicle’s ownership, maintenance, and operation.
  • Auto Physical Damage – Auto physical damage insurance protects against loss or damage to the covered vehicle. Physical damage insurance is required in most cases if there is a lien on the truck.
  • Motor Truck Cargo – Motor truck cargo insurance is designed to cover the carrier’s liability for any damages, destruction, or other losses of a customer’s property during shipment. There are many various kinds of motor truck cargo insurance available. If you are transporting goods with your trucking company, you must purchase motor truck cargo insurance.
  • General Liability – General liability coverage protects your business from any property damage or bodily injury that may occur that does not involve a truck. General liability also can provide premises coverage for businesses. If coverage is excluded by the auto liability coverage, it is usually covered by public General liability can also pay for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and medical costs depending on the policy limits.

Trucking insurance types, limits, and coverages all can vary depending on the insurance carrier. With so many options available, it is important to meet with your independent insurance agent to determine what you may need for your unique situation.

Key Takeaways

Take the guesswork out of protecting yourself, your business, and your workers, and get with an independent logging insurance agent today. You work hard to provide a service to your customers. It is important to ensure that your logging truck insurance is working for you and that you are in the appropriate policies for your unique situation. No two policies are alike, and there is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to logging truck insurance. We build lasting relationships with each client we work with. We have numerous insurance carriers available to choose from to get you in a policy that is right for you. Call to meet with an agent today.